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Server Rules
General Rules
  1. Be kind and respectful to fellow players. Do not insult players, call them names, annoy them, etc.
  2. No fighting, killing, ramming, blocking, carjacking, etc. This is a trucking server, not a DM/RP server.
  3. No advertising, flooding or spamming. Do not advertise other servers in chat. Do not spam messages.
  4. Please use English in main chat.
  5. No using game mods that would give you an advantage. In general, visual mods are okay, however any mods that give you any kind of advantage (handling, speed, etc) are not allowed.
  6. Cheats are strictly forbidden. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheats. You will be banned, and your appeal will be rejected. This includes "accidental" use or if you claim to have "learned your lesson".
  7. Do not impersonate staff. This includes "mini-moding". It will not help your chances of being on the staff team, so don't waste your time.
  8. No scamming.

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