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BGTrucker's ban appeal 3
Ban ID: 6
The admin that banned you: Uncle Sam (Anticheat)
Reason for the ban: Airbreak
Why is this ban unfair (please include screenshots, chatlogs, etc.)?: Now this is getting annoying.This time I was not hurrying to reclass,I was waiting few seconds before I choose class,then waiting for my money to become 0 and then hit the Spawn button,but it just bans me for no reason. I would suggest that you disable airbreak detection in class selection.
.jpg   gta_sa 2017-08-23 18-44-26-29.jpg (Size: 198.96 KB / Downloads: 3)
[Image: drrbZSk.png]

Disabled Airbreak autoban until I can debug and fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. Unbanned.

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